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Year 8 Day to Work


What is the Day to Work?  The Day to work is when Year 8 students to go to work with a parent or other trusted adult.  It is not intended to be “Work Experience” and does not have to directly relate to any career aspirations the students may have.  It is about the experience of work in general – learning about getting to work, health and safety, time management, working with different people and achieving the goals which they set for themselves. In previous years the day has boosted students’ practical and social skills as well as developed their confidence and self-esteem. This links closely with the school's CIRCLE skills. 


Where do students complete their Day to Work?  Most students go to work with one of their family members.  Sometimes this is not possible (for example, where family members work in the emergency or armed services) in these cases we would ask family members to approach another trusted adult or family friend to see whether they are able to take the student to work with them.


Employers are unlikely to accept a student for the Day to Work unless their parent – or another trusted adult - works for their organisation and we would ask families not to approach employers unless they, or somebody they know and trust, works for that organisation.


When is the Year 8 Day to Work?  The Year 8 Day to work takes place on Friday in May during purposeful practise week 4.  There will be no Year 8 lessons in school on that day as students are expected to go to work with a family member or other trusted adult. Reply slips confirming their day to work MUST BE RETURNED TO FORM TUTORS ASAP.


Why does Amersham School organise the Year 8 Day to Work?  The Day to Work is intended to be a gentle introduction to work related learning.  Students are challenged to think about what it is like to go to work and to consider the type of career they might be interested in.  They will begin to learn “soft” skills such as communications, team building, time management and problem solving which directly relate to our CIRCLE skills.  It also gives them an appreciation of the relevance of what they learn in school to their ultimate career goals – and they gain an understanding of how hard their family members work to support them.


If you have any queries about the Year 8 Day to Work, please contact Ms Castle (tcastle@amershamschool.org).