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Year 7 Knowledge Organisers

At Amersham School, we have created a five year curriculum plan that builds effective revision strategies into our homework and lessons. As a result of the the new GCSE criteria, students are now expected to learn and retain significantly more information (in some cases up to a third more) than in previous specifications. This means that students will be under heightened pressure when it comes to sitting their final assessments without the cushion of coursework in many subjects. 

The Year 7 homework system is designed to reflect this change in expectations in a low stakes and supportive manner. Students  have access to a series of Knowledge Organisers which have a detailed overview of the knowledge, themes and terminology required to be successful in each subject. Students will be required to recap the KO on a regular basis leading up to each Purposeful Practice Week assessment. The aim of this is to allow students to identify their preferred method of revising from an early age and to view the quizzes as an opportunity to reflect on what they do not know; therefore revising this as a priority for next time. 

In lessons, students can expect to be quizzed on their learning in the form of spelling and defining key words tests. Their learning will also be demonstrated via games, competitions and group work. The outcome of these quizzes will be recorded as part of the departments' tracking procedures and will contribute to the grade awarded for homework completion in your child's APC report. 


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