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The Valkyries



The Valkyrie project is a female focused programme, specifically designed to improve the academic, social, and emotional well-being of female students.


Younger students can find Secondary School a challenging place, especially when they experience a poor or small social network or potential difficulties around confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes these experiences can lead to issues with behaviour, confidence and isolation during school. As older students, Valkyrie mentors will become their mentees role model, providing a space where they can discuss academic or social wellbeing issues that they may not feel comfortable talking to teachers about.


Progress will be consistently tracked and monitored by the members of staff working within the Valkyrie programme. This data will include APC reports, achievement and behaviours points, and attendance records.


All mentors have been specifically trained to help support their peers with academic, social or emotional issues that may arise. There are regular meetings put in place, by members of staff, to ensure support is always available.


If you feel your child would benefit from support from a Valkyrie mentor, please contact Miss Kelly on lkelly@amershamschool.org