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Welcome to our new Cafe!

We now have a wonderful new Cafe in place with seating for 300 students, serving daily hot food at both break and lunchtime, a vast and varied selection of sandwiches, fresh fruit and vegetables, along with plenty of healthy snacks and drinks! A breakfast menu is also available between 8am and 8:30am.

Amersham School offers varied and nutritious food and there are plenty of options within our ever-changing menu.  We believe in providing all of our students with the opportunity to savour daily balanced meals, in order to support them in their busy academic, extra-curricular and social lives.  The menu is included in our weekly Student Newsletter - a sample menu is attached below. Our Cafe and Snack Shack both operate a biometric recognition cashless system linked to ParentPay which allows large numbers of students to buy the food they need smoothly and quickly, leaving enough time to enjoy their meal.  We do not take cash from students int he Cafe or Snack Shack. Parents can use the same system to keep track of what their child is eating during the day, monitor their payments and plan meals at home accordingly.  We will send out standard reminders out if accounts become overdrawn and will reserve the right not to sell to students who are more than £10 overdrawn at any time during the year and £5 overdrawn in the Summer Term. 

Students who bring packed lunches to school should endeavour to make healthy choices and please note, we do not allow fizzy drinks, energy drinks or canned drinks in school. If found, these will unfortunately be confiscated and disposed of. 

Students who are entitled to free school meals should purchase their meal at lunchtime. However, the FSM allowance also applies at break to permit students to buy hot snacks at that time so that they can fully participate in any lunchtime events they wish to attend. FSM qualifying students will need credit on their accounts if they wish to purchase over and above the daily FSM allowance from the Cafe.

We are working on more recycling and green initiatives in the Cafe in conjunction with the Students' Environmental Group. Details will be published in the Student Newsletter.