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Amersham School

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide all our students with a first class, personalised and progressive education, which is underpinned by the development of self-confidence, positive attitudes and enterprise skills.

When our students join our school community, they are embarking on a learning journey which will challenge, motivate and inspire them, with access to the very best in educational, sporting and creative opportunities. Along this journey it is essential that, as a school, we work in close partnership with parents to ensure our students are in the best possible position to fulfil and exceed their potential.

Our mission statement ‘Live, Learn and Succeed – Together’ lies at the heart of all we do. Amersham School’s philosophy of innovation, improvement and success is underpinned by the traditional values of:

  • Mutual respect and trust
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Responsibility and ownership
  • Equality and co-operation
  • A sense of community

We strive to prepare our students for a successful future, whatever path they choose and have an impressive track record to demonstrate this commitment.

Our vision for the future of our school and students is to deliver exceptional learning experiences which: inspire the mind, challenge all abilities and develop lifelong learners who are ambitious and confident about their future successes

Our Values and Ethos

Our Mission Statement

"Live, Learn and Succeed Together"

To achieve this all members of the school community must accept and demonstrate the following traditional values.

Our Values                             

  • mutual respect and trust
  • honesty and integrity
  • responsibility and ownership
  • equality and co-operation
  • sense of community

This means…. 

Living together by….

  • treating each other with care, consideration and good manners
  • recognising and valuing the differences amongst us
  • showing a warm welcome to visitors and those who are new to the school community 

Learning together by….

  • taking responsibility for our work and our actions
  • working positively with each other to allow everyone to make good progress
  • seeking appropriate advice to help solve any difficulties or problems

Succeeding together by…

  • setting the highest personal standards for ourselves in our work and relationships 
  • representing our school community in a positive way both inside and outside school
  • “going the extra mile” and making a difference!

There is no place in our school community for behaviours or actions which are aggressive and dangerous or which have the effect of intimidating, humiliating or offending others.

Our school is committed to Unicef’s Rights Respecting Schools Award by putting the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child at the heart of everything the school aspires to do.