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Thank you for the amazing opportunity for my son to go to Madrid. He was on a tremendous high when he got off the coach, and clearly had a fantastic time. Hopefully he even improved his Spanish. 😉

It was lovely to receive your regular tweets and get a sense of how everyone was doing and what you were all up to.

February 2020

I would like to pass on my thanks to you all for giving up your half term for the Austria ski trip. Cian had an amazing time, he loved every minute, and is really sad to be back! We've enjoyed hearing all about it, and he's told us that he's met lots of new friends in the school. 


We've heard all the teachers were great fun, and sounds like you ensured they had the best time. 

February 2020

I was invited to give a presentation to your students on the changes from the old style engineering apprenticeships to the new modern day apprenticeships.

From the very first moment I entered your school to when I was helped by one of your students to carry my equipment back to my car, I found all your students and staff to be very friendly and helpful.

Your students are not only a credit to themselves, but a massive credit to you and your staff.  All your students were very friendly, willing to listen and showed me nothing but respect.

Since doing my presentation I have received many wonderful letters from your students thanking me.

Michael Powell - May 2019

I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you to all of your wonderful staff for the phenomenal amount of effort they are going to, to provide revision help with the GCSE students. It’s been fantastic, and having spoken to many other local parents, I know for a fact this level of support isn’t being offered at every school. 

Everyone is generously giving lots of their own free time so thank you very much, it is really appreciated and my daughter has found it extremely useful.

 We have a few weeks of exams to go yet, and end of term is a little way off for you all, but enjoy your well deserved summer break.

May 2019

I just wanted to say a very big thank you and well done for the amazing work that you do every day.  My daughter started year 7 this year. Naturally, we were all apprehensive about this big move to Senior School.  The transition couldn't have been smoother!  She has been so happy from the very first meeting and you've made her feel so very welcome and included. We've had no tears, no concerns. The timetable is very clear, as is her homework (which she loves doing!).  Teachers are all very nice (in her own words) and enthusiastic, but a special mention of Mrs Jarrett, who is wonderfully inspirational and clearly cares about every single student, equally.

September 2018

We attended your open evening last night with our youngest daughter who is in year 6.

We came 3 years ago with our daughter who is now in year 9. When we came then we were so inspired by your passion and drive for Amersham School that we felt this was the school for our daughter. This year we came with our younger daughter and your drive and passion are still strong and inspirational.  This time, your students who toured us were brilliant. We had Jamie from year 9 showing us around first. She was quite quiet but was informative and answered all our questions. Then as we left her to hear your talk, she said how nervous she was which was honest but really hadn't shown. She was great. Credit where credit is due!

Then after the talk, we had 3 boys from year 8 who were brilliant! They were James, Charlie and Ethan. They were so full of life and so enthusiastic.

Whilst going around, the year 7's were fantastic too. One boy in the Art department sidled up to us and whispered "This is the best school!" and in the Maths room there was a small girl who was so enthusiastic, she drew us in and engaged with our daughter who by this time was finding it all a bit overwhelming.

So, thank you for all you do for the school. We cannot praise you all enough.

September 2018

We have just attended the Open Evening and we were really impressed. Our host, Harry  was fantastic, a real credit to the school. We were joined halfway through by Maddie and Natasha who were also lovely.  Thank you for making our visit so enjoyable and for clearly inspiring your pupils with confidence and a love of their school.

September 2018

I am just e-mailing you as myself and my children attended your open day, and I just wanted to let Mrs Jarrett know that the young lady called Louise who showed us around is an absolute credit to the school (and her parents !).  She was so kind to my daughter  and my son; my daughter loved her, she took her time to interact with my children and get them to join in the activities, she showed us every inch of the school and was just lovely and brilliant.  

Meeting a pupil like Louise has been a big deciding factor for me in choosing Amersham School and I hope Louise gets the praise she deserves.

September 2018

We’ve just returned from the Open Evening at your school and wanted to let you know how very impressed we are. Our tour guides, Jack and Albie, were very friendly and informative and it was clear that they are enjoying their time at your school.

September 2018

Could you kindly say a huge THANK YOU to Mrs Jarrett for the fantastic Awards of Excellence on 5th July.  Absolutely loved the evening and the inspirational talks by Mrs Jarrett and Ms Harker.  I never tire of seeing people being recognised for being amazing - especially my own brood!

My son has excelled at Amersham - for someone who tells us repeatedly he is 'not bothered' re: school, he puts his head down, like his brothers, with no need for me to tell him/them to and gets the job done. I was particularly delighted to receive the lovely email regarding his latest Physics exam results - this, for a young man who 'hates' physics! Clearly Team A is bringing forth from my boys an extra 'something' that I cannot.

Please forward my endless thanks and appreciation to all the staff at Amersham School who have had or continue to have input in educating the most precious people in my world, including the lovely office staff, the people who clean up after them, the people who feed them in the canteen and anyone who manages to get more than an unintelligible grunt once they reached their teens.

July 2018 

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work in our son's BTEC Business.  We know that he has thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated being taught by you.  You have really understood how to engage and encourage him, which has made all the difference.  Thank you for believing in him and for helping him to believe in himself.                                                                                                                              May 2018