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Lexia is an online learning platform which Amersham School offers to all Year 7 students, as well as select students in Year 8 and above. The learning can be done independently, at home and in school, and provides a fun and interactive way of developing essential Literacy skills. Teachers assist students by monitoring progress, rewarding achievements and providing support where necessary. Now is our fourth year of using Lexia at Amersham School and our students who make regular use of the programme have become more confident in their Literacy across all subject areas.

Use THIS LINK to access our school's Lexia login page. 


Lexia Core 5 Reading

Lexia® Core5® Reading is an online Literacy programme which provides differentiated reading intervention for pupils of all abilities, in the five areas of reading instruction: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary & comprehension. Lexia’s personalised approach targets skill gaps as they emerge and places students at a level specific to their ability.


Lexia PowerUp Literacy

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy™ is a more advanced Literacy programme designed to help students in Years 7 and above become proficient readers, confident learners and GCSE-ready. PowerUp Literacy™ primarily targets Key Stage 3 pupils by supporting basic reading, academic vocabulary and the comprehension skills necessary to fully access and engage in the secondary curriculum.

Originally designed for dyslexic students, Lexia provides a platform which caters to all learning needs with functions available for English as an Additional Language students too!