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Amersham School

Realising potential

'Be the best that you can be'

Here at Amersham School we are committed to empowering all students to achieve their full potential. We work tirelessly to provide the relevant provision for all students to enable individual success and to ensure that all students feel valued and are making progress.

Students with particular gifts and talents are identified and celebrated.  Information is disseminated to all teachers so that the students will be engaged and stretched in their learning.  Special events are organised to give students an opportunity to develop fully.

The Personalised Learning Team consists of the SENCO, administrators and a team of Assistant Teachers who provide invaluable support to our students, both in and out of lessons. Our staff are up to date with current national research regarding Special Educational Needs, which includes Able Students, and they ensure that they are familiar with the particular needs of all students that they teach, delivering Quality First Teaching in all lessons.