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Apply to our Sixth Form

Here at Amersham School, we are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form. Courses in the Sixth Form require a high level of intellectual ability and commitment to work and therefore it is paramount that students select the  courses that are appropriate to their ability and interests. Luckily, our flexible curriculum allows you to mix a variety of Level 3 courses, meaning you can tailor your curriculum to meet your strengths.

Each subject will involve 5 hours a week of lesson time in addition to at least 5 hours of independent study across the week. You will have timetabled Supported Study lessons which will help you to structure your time in school effectively manage your workload. 


The minimum TPS to join Amersham School Sixth Form (from your best 8 results); 

  • To study 3 BTECs: 32 
  • To study 3 A levels or a combination of L3 qualifications: 40  

All students will need to have achieved a 5 in English and Maths

Please note; you will also have to meet the minimum entry criteria for each subject you wish to study.



We are a welcoming and inclusive Sixth form and every year we welcome applications from external students as well as students who have been with us since Year 7. 

Our Student Leadership Team talk about why they chose to stay at Amersham School and an External Candidate shares their experience of applying and coming to Amersham School. 

The deadline for applications is 26th January 2024 at noon. 

 Applicants who wish to join following the publication of GCSE results should contact the school office of results day after 11am to arrange an interview. 

Proposed Option Blocks 2024 - 2025

Subject entry requirements

Calculating your Total Points Score

Sixth form agreement 

We will make the decisions regarding the viability of subject class sizes in the period following 26th January 2024. Students will be kept informed of the resulting outcomes. Any request to change an initial selection needs to be confirmed in writing with Mrs Strain prior to the October half term in Year 12. 

Please be aware that the option blocks will not change. 


Internal applicants: to apply for our Sixth Form click HERE for instructions on how to choose your subjects. Click HERE for the internal applicant application form. 

External application: to apply for our Sixth Form click HERE

The option blocks that will be in place for 2024-2025 are available to view HERE.


Do you have a specific career in mind that will guide the subjects you need? If you have a particular university course in mind it may be worth using the UCAS website (www.ucas.com) to check course entry requirements.

  • What subjects do you enjoy? You will be spending 5 hours a fortnight in lessons and a further 5 hours per week completing work outside of lessons (per subject). Therefore, it is essential you enjoy each subject.
  • What subjects are you good at? Please check each subject’s specific entry criteria; it is essential that you meet this.
  • Talk to your subject teachers and discuss suitability. Make sure you are choosing the subject for the right reasons. 
  • Understand what is involved in the study of the subjects in terms of the topics to be covered, amount of coursework to be completed, meeting deadlines etc.
  • Ensure you are staying (or joining) Amersham School because you want to.
  • Research our courses in the online prospectus www.ucasprogress.com
  • Visit all the subjects you are interested in our Options Evening. 


Advice and Guidance from the Russell Group

BTEC qualifications and University