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You can see our A Level Results Press Release HERE



‘I am incredibly proud of each and every student who has worked tenaciously to achieve their desired outcomes.  I am confident that the experiences and high quality teaching that every student has enjoyed at Amersham School has supported the personal growth and academic progress of every member of our sixth form.  I know that each young person will stride confidently into their future and will be a credit to themselves, their families and our school. I am delighted that we have maintained our high standards of attainment and progress. All this is possible due to the dedication of our talented teaching staff who I know have worked both exuberantly and tirelessly. Amersham School is a vibrant and purposeful learning environment – I am so proud to be the Headteacher! Go Team Amersham!’

You can see our GCSE Results

Press Release HERE



“I am delighted and enormously proud that we have maintained our high standards in both attainment and progress.  At Amersham School we celebrate personal success and whilst so many of our students have attained fantastically high grades we are equally proud of those who have worked hard and achieved their potential, regardless of the measurable outcome.  The school is full to the brim of success stories.  As a result of our rich and vibrant curriculum our students have been able to study subjects that excite them.  Our teachers have been enthusiastic, dedicated and innovative and the vast majority of our students have responded very positively to this.  Not only did the year group perform well in this set of exams, they have contributed positively to school life, grown into responsible, caring citizens and given me the opportunity to laugh often and be proud!”