Amersham School

Amersham School
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School Uniform

Only the following items are to be worn at school


Black blazer with school badge

Black tailored trousers (NOT jeans, jeggings or leggings)

Black shoes with low heels (NOT trainers, boots, ‘dolly shoes’, canvas shoes or leisure shoes).

Laces must be black

Black socks

Black V neck jumper (optional)               Burkas are not permitted


Boys:                                                        Girls:

School tie                                                 White V neck blouse or white shirt with tie

White shirt                                                Black tailored skirt (optional) – maximum 3” above the knee


PE Kit

All students

Navy blue school polo shirt with logo      Navy blue with pale blue stripe socks

Navy blue shorts                                      Trainers and Football boots

Navy blue rain jacket (may be worn as a school coat)  

Shin pads

Gum shield


Boys:                                                        Girls:

Navy blue hockey/rugby shirt                 Navy blue sweatshirt

Navy blue tracksuit trousers with logo     Navy blue tracksuit trousers with logo or

Football boots                                          Navy blue dance trousers


Optional extras:

Navy blue fleece/sports top                     Navy and sky blue beanie

Navy skort (girls in school teams)           Navy blue kit bag                   



Plain black coat. NO hoodies or jackets. No other colours are permitted



One small plain gold or silver stud in each earlobe only is acceptable.  Retainers are not permitted.  No other piercings are permitted.   (If you choose to have a piercing, please ensure it is done at the beginning of the summer holiday, so that the jewellery can be removed for school.)

Wrist watch

No other jewellery is allowed and will be confiscated until the end of term



Tattoos are not permitted.  It is illegal for any person under the age of 18 to obtain a tattoo.


Bags                                                                                Scarves, Gloves and Hat

Large, plain black rucksack/shoulder bag                       Plain black (No logos)


Note: Any additional layers worn beneath the school shirt should be plain white and not visible.


Hair and Nails

Hair must be of a natural shade of one colour, with no extremes of cut including shaving or spikes.

Nail varnish may not be worn. False, acrylic or gel nails are not permitted.