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Bring Your Own Device

Using technology in the classroom to improve students’ learning

Amersham School has invested heavily in the technology and infrastructure of the campus to create the most dynamic and rewarding learning environment for our students. Our vision is that by using personalised technology our students will be able to have 24/7 access to all school resources, in addition to a wealth of online content which will help them to learn anywhere and achieve their full potential.

Over the past 18 months we have been trialling the use of tablets and mobile technology within the classroom and monitoring the benefits that this technology brings. We are already starting to see the educational benefits to our students and mobile technology enables us to further transform teaching and learning within the school and enhance our students’ learning by; providing access to and the ability to create digital resources; promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing between their peers; assessing students’ progress digitally and providing additional support where needed; removing the boundaries to learning and enabling our students to learn anytime, anywhere. 

1:1 access to technology enables learners at all levels, to create their own learning strategy. It has also been proven to raise student achievement and increase attendance.

We appreciate that not all students have access to technology or do not have adequate insurance protection to feel comfortable bringing their own device into school. Therefore Amersham School is introducing a programme to enable all students to get access to the selected laptop and tablet devices at an affordable monthly price.  

We are looking to implement the scheme with the view to enable students to bring their devices into school from 1st June this year when we will be integrating the new technology into the way that we deliver the curriculum.


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