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Student Council and House News - February 2016

A Message from the Student Council:


We have had a great start over this half term with loads of exciting events such as the House Food Drive last week. Next week our school will see the return of the Spelling Bee as well! These events provide many opportunities for our students and the school. We think it is brilliant that we can create healthy competition as well as improving literacy skills.

Last week was the end of the charitable giving from all years through the food drive. Each House donated items for local charities such as NHS Care UK, in addition to the National Tesco food drive. Overall the whole school donated around 700 items of food and clothing which is an amazing amount! This demonstrates the fantastic, charitable students that our school has. Particular mention must go to Delta House who collected 198 items! Miss Lindsey and Head of House Erin Pickard were incredibly proud.

The Spelling Bee, which starts on Monday, has had a very high interest within students throughout the school who are keen to show off their literary skills through spelling. This fantastic and academic event not only shows the incredibly talented spellers we have at our school, but allows students to work together and be the best they can possibly be whilst representing their House.

Finally the House Dance on the 29th March is one of the most popular, inspirational and moving house events we host at Amersham School. It gives parents, friends and others the opportunity to have an insight into House competitions. This event tends to be led by Sixth Formers and allows students of all years to participate whether it be through choreography, dancing or technical set up of their own House's creative production. Last year saw the winning house of Omega smash their performance out of the park! Their swooning, shimmying and fabulous footwork were quite a sight to behold! Will Omega hold their title as dancing champions or will another House steal their crown?


Future meetings:


22nd February


23rd February


24th February


25th February



Contributed by Sami Musa (Head of Council) and the PR Student Council team.